November 2, 2017 John Brady

BT are keen to offer best broadband services to tech start up businesses

A project in London is working to encourage start up companies to invest in the best broadband services. In Tech City in London, a project has been launched which encourages start up companies to take advantage of the superfast broadband services which have been sweeping the nation.

BT and TechHub have joined together to create workspaces for new businesses to use to collaborate. The programme is known as BT Infinity Lab and it allows new businesses to use the best broadband services available. Currently, BT Infinity Lab is on the lookout for promising business people to take advantage of the super fast broadband and Wi-Fi services which are available.

BT will review all of the applications and choose a company to back. The lucky company to be given backing by BT will benefit from six months support from the company including access to their engineering departments. The company will also be given commercial premises in TechHub, something which would save a new start up company an absolute fortune.

BT Infinity Lab was developed as a number of organisations recognised that if we are to radically overhaul the UK’s broadband with superfast broadband, we need new innovations and companies to make use of it. BT and TechHub have stated that they are pleased to be involved in such a great initiative which will produce great new products.

The announcement is great news for a number of companies, not only the companies who have been selected. Even the companies who do not make it to the final stage will be showcased in the TechHub, giving these new start up companies the publicity that they need to get off the ground. Although these companies may not benefit from the six months backing with BT, the benefit of being showcased in the TechHub could be incredibly beneficial.

A spokeswoman from TechHub has stated that the partnership between BT and TechHub is an incredible opportunity for start up businesses. By working with BT, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to test out their ideas with a major company whilst also receiving valuable help throughout the six month period. The promotional benefits of being chosen are huge. By working with one of Britain’s biggest, most well known businesses, the start up business that is chosen is likely to achieve success. It is very rare that start up businesses are offered such unmissable opportunities.

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