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Best Mobile Broadband Deals: My Experience

In the United Kingdom, getting the best mobile broadband deals on unlimited mobile broadband is all the rage. People are always going on and on about unlimited mobile broadband, and how to get the best mobile broadband deals online. There are several companies in the UK that allow people to do that and more.
However in America, “unlimited” mobile broadband no longer exists. The reason for this is basically because it makes them lose money. And because demand has gone way too high for unlimited mobile broadband to exist.

The basic cap on usage in America is 5 GB. And most companies such as AT&T have this as their highest usage limit.

However, some American companies do have deals with higher caps. These are few and far between, and even more so nowadays.

Some of them include:

Sprint, with a top usage cap of 12 GB. They’ve since lowered this to an amount that’s more manageable for them, and more profitable.

Verizon, with a top usage cap of 10 GB. They’ve since lowered this to six, again because of money and demand.

My experience with mobile broadband companies in America

My main purpose when I wanted to get mobile broadband was to use it as an emergency connection when there was no Wi-Fi around. The companies that I have tried for my mobile broadband so far are:

Verizon and AT&T.

Both companies offer two-year contracts for my built-in mobile broadband device that is embedded inside my laptop.


The first company I tried was Verizon. I first got Verizon mobile broadband service in February of 2012, after I first got my new laptop. At the time I had zero experience with mobile broadband; however, I knew I wanted it to be my main source of Internet access. I’ve since changed my mind about that one.

I researched mobile broadband companies online before settling on one. At the top of the list was Verizon, number one for service, features, and several other key departments. So I decided to go with Verizon at first for my laptop because I thought it would work very well for me.

At home, Verizon mobile broadband service kept disconnecting. I found out that was more user error than anything else, because I had tried several devices that Verizon sold, including a mobile broadband dongle which would offer 4G coverage in my area. (My laptop’s built-in mobile broadband device was 3G only.)

Once I settled upon using my computer’s built-in mobile broadband device, the connection was a little more steady.

However the signal was always low at home, even with an amplifier antenna. Elsewhere, the signal was excellent.

I got the 10 GB limit, their highest at the time. Unfortunately, I had many problems with the service, including the SIM card not working. I later found out the reason why the SIM card stopped working was because it was an AT&T SIM card, and companies stopped letting people use other companies’ SIM cards for their services.

My assessment of Verizon: it was a good service while it lasted, but it simply wasn’t the right service for my computer. So I took it back around October of 2017.


When I decided to get mobile broadband again, this time I went with the number two company on the top-rated mobile broadband company list, AT&T.

I figured since the built-in SIM card in my computer was an AT&T one, it would be a perfect match.

The information I found on AT&T’s mobile broadband service when I did the research on it was outdated by about a year or two. AT&T has since changed their policies and their prices, making it much more affordable for the average person.

AT&T mobile broadband works a lot better on my particular laptop model than Verizon. I almost always receive an excellent signal, even in my apartment which is surrounded by trees, and therefore normally has a muffled satellite signal.

The 3G speed on my computer is much faster with AT&T than with Verizon. The only thing wrong with this service is that sometimes downloads don’t go through. But for surfing the web, checking email, listening to music, and other such tasks, AT&T mobile broadband service is fast and smooth.

My assessment of the AT&T mobile broadband service is that it just works. Therefore, I’ll be keeping AT&T’s mobile broadband service for my computer.

Finding the best mobile broadband deals depends on many factors. What type of computer you have, what you need the mobile broadband service for, what types of speeds are in your area, where you plan on using it, and several other factors will need to be considered before making a final decision. Reviews can help, but ultimately you must decide which services right for you. Experiment, explore, and play with different mobile broadband services, until you find the proper fit. And before experimenting, make sure you can afford the devices they sell at regular price, because contracts are so last decade.

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